Advocacy Committee

The Advocacy Committee was created in 2015, as a result of the merger of the Library Advocacy and Governmental Relations committees.  Information and documents related to this merged committee will appear in this area.  The web pages for the previous two committees have not been deleted, and are linked here for archival purposes.

This area of the page is reserved for relevant committee documents.

Past Membership:

Chair: Angela Spencer
Members: Emily Eresuma, Camillia Gentry, Gwen Lawson (student member), Elizabeth (Betsy) Mueth, Darell Schmick, Rose Wilson
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Current Membership:

  • Angela Spencer, chair (2017)
  • Emily Eresuma (2018)
  • Gwen Lawson, student member (2017)
  • Darell Schmick (2017)
  • Open position (TBD)
  • Barb Jones, Missouri Library Advocacy Coordinator

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