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The Advocacy Committee was created in 2015, as a result of the merger of the Library Advocacy

and Governmental Relations committees.  Information and documents related to this merged committee

will appear in this area.  The web pages for the previous two committees have not been deleted, and

are linked here for archival purposes.

 Advocacy Resources

Library Value Calculator

Cost Benefit/ROI Calculator

Analyzing Journal Value

Basics of gathering statistics

Hospital Library Marketing & Promotion

Research Data

SLA Advocacy Toolkit

ARL Statistics & Assessment

ALA Advocacy Action Plan Workbook

The ALA Advocacy Action Plan Workbook was developed by the ALA Advocacy Training Subcommittee of the ALA Committee on Library Advocacy in January of 2009.  Designed to help librarians create action plans for their libraries’ advocacy and marketing, the workbook outlines an Action Plan consisting of 5 sections entailing 7 “Action Steps” for librarians to take, tailor, and fill in.  These include identifying staff or volunteers who would develop and carry out a plan, identifying key issues, which in turn determine goals for the plan.  Next, the workbook guides librarians through strategies for developing advocacy messages, talking points, getting the message out, connecting with the communities and stakeholders.  The workbook concludes with tips on how to be self-advocates and encouraging your staff to advocate as well.

The workbook is handy.  It outlines for you what an action plan should entail, and gives space for you to “fill in the blanks.”  It is formatted as an editable PDF, encouraging librarians to write in the document and tailor the plan to their needs.  Permission is granted to reproduce the workbook for nonprofit use.  The workbook gives creative ideas on marketing materials and to which people to market.  This framework is great for libraries who aren’t sure where to begin.   Although, this workbook was developed for public libraries, the concepts presented can be adapted for health sciences library use.  This document was also developed with a large staff in mind- those in smaller academic or hospital libraries may not find this workbook usable or may need to adapt it.  While the workbook is convenient, it is best utilized in the medical library profession as a springboard for discussion and in conjunction with other advocacy tools.  The Advocacy Action Plan Workbook is available at:



Past Membership:


Chair: Angela Spencer

Members: Betsy Mueth, Emily Eresuma, Barb Jones

Chair: Angela Spencer
Members: Emily Eresuma, Camillia Gentry, Gwen Lawson (student member), Elizabeth (Betsy) Mueth, Darell Schmick, Rose Wilson
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Current Membership:

  • Emily Eresuma (2019)
  • Kim Harp (2019)
  • Kristi Steigerwalt (2021)
  • Jacob White (2021)
  • Carly McCracken (2021)

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