Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is here to serve you. Please let us know how we can help.

Past Executive Committee Officers

Elected Officers


Emily Vardell

Immediate Past Chair

Holly Hubenschmidt

Incoming Chair / Chair-Elect

Ruby Nugent

Jennifer Brady (October 2023)

Recording Secretary

Maud Mundava

Cameron Nielson (October 2023)

Chapter Council Representative

Hannah Pollard 

Chapter Council Alternate 

Lydia Howes 

Appointed Officers

Executive Treasurer
Jackie Hittner (2016- indefinite)

Gwen Wilson (2021- indefinite)

Raven Morrigan (2017- 2023 Sep)

Express Editor
Katie Dayani (2020 - indefinite)

Web Editor
Holly Henderson (2021- indefinite)

MCMLA-L Discussion List Owner
Holly Henderson (2018- indefinite)

Annual Meeting Advisor
John Bramble (2021 - indefinite)

MLA Chapter Credentialing Liaison
Shawn Steidinger (2016-)

2023 Meeting Planners (Virtual)
Peggy Mullaly-Quijas
Cynthia Flanagan

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